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Next Level Hugs!

Like regular hugs, but not boring.

Check it out in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS for an extra dimension of awesome!

The last of the four videos I helped create. The only thing more exciting than writing this video with Owen was getting the chance to act it out with him as well.

Many thanks as well to Vinnie for his awesome directing, and to Gloo for fulfilling our life-long dreams of being real-life anime characters. 

It was a super-weird, super-fun journey from writing this article with Caldwell to helping make the insanity you see above. Caldwell’s goal was for us to craft a postmodern pastiche of modern cinema, I was trying to write us into as many silly hats & fake beards as possible. I think we both got our wish. 

I cannot even begin to explain the look on my face while watching this. This was BEYOND AMAZING!

Why does this video even have to end??

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    Why does this video even have to end??
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    I directed and shot this pilot for the Nintendo 3DS in real 3D! What a different way to work…
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